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Rhyl Sea Aquarium is an Incredible Underwater Experience

Rhyl Sea aquarium is an incredible underwater experience, sitting on the seafront along the gorgeous North Wales coast there’s a variety of underwater sea life to be seen. Lodges North Wales are set in pristine Welsh countryside near the rolling beaches of the coast. They are the perfect accommodation for experiencing great events in North Wales including the sea aquarium. Come and discover countless species of interesting creatures, including sharks that can be found just off our coast, as well as rays which smoothly glides through the water. Lodges North Wales are located in easy travel distance from this magnificent sea aquarium.

The Sea lion cove is a wet and wild place to see the sea lions demonstrate their incredible underwater skills in a show that is sure to amaze and stun you. These shows and talks occur daily so you are sure to catch it with every visit. The sea lions demonstrate their amazing natural abilities, with front flipper walks, balancing acts, aquatic hurdle jumps, and lets not forget endless splish-splashing.

Catch North Wales’ only underwater tunnel and take a stroll beneath the waves, giving you the chance to see sharks, conger eels and other assorted sea creatures swish past you. Come and marvel at this outstanding 160,000lt ocean ecosystem.

There are also sites such as the Seahorse Family Nursery, where you can see the juvenile sea creatures, ranging from baby seahorses, pipefish and clownfish swimming in and out of the urchins. Don’t miss out on the rock pool zone, a replica of Rockpools found around our coast, a fascinating micro world of crabs, starfish, anemones and much more. If you can spot the baby flatfish as they hide amongst the rocks then you have a keen eye indeed!

Finally there’s the Sharky Shack, a park area which has all kinds of skill games, including hook a bag, lobster pot, pyramids and much more, you can even win a prize toy to take home! Try out the discovery trail, an educational and entertaining challenge especially for kids, to help them discover the most out of the Seaquarium!

After seeing this marvel there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with the area, there’s actually lodges north wales for sale nearby, which offer great deals and offers for luxury holiday lodges.

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