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Tir Prince Showground and Amusement Park

Tir Prince hosts a wide range of exciting events that are designed to give visitors and locals a very entertaining experience. The events that take place at the Tir Prince Showground range from big market days, harness racing around the race track, monster truck & stunt shows and motor bike racing.

2012 has seen a host of these types of events, which have helped attract thousands of people to the area, providing entertainment for a huge range of ages and types of people. The Tir Prince Showground not only hosts big, special events, but also a regular market day that sees thousands of visitors come and see what fantastic goods they can get their hands on.

To further add to the great range of things going on at Tir Prince, an amusement park is also incorporated, allowing visitors a fun and fantastic day out on a range of rides and amusement stalls. The amusement park proves popular for families with children, where the huge range of rides and things to do will have them begging to stay just a bit longer! Racers from the harness racing, flat track motor racing and other spectacles will be visiting the Tir Prince Showground race track in attempt to wow audiences and take home a podium position.

The Tir Prince Showground is located 2 miles from the popular seaside resort of Rhyl, in a town called Towyn. The park is located on the north coast of Wales, meaning you get to experience the fantastic features of the Tir Prince Amusement Park & Showground whilst being literally meters away from the beach!

The area is popular amongst holiday makers, due to its great “holiday vibe” and range of facilities that make for a fantastic trip. This has meant that there has been a boom in holiday park upgrades, whereby parks such as the Tir Prince Lodge Park, which is close to the Tir Prince showground are offering people the opportunity to purchase a luxury holiday lodge in North Wales, located in an area of outstanding beautiful, and close enough to explore the wonders of seaside resorts Towyn and Rhyl.

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