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Choosing The Best Cattery in the Rhyl Area

Are you going away on holiday or long business trip? Are you worried about the safety of your beloved cat or kitten? The best option for you is to have your cat stay in a suitable cattery in Rhyl. Catteries in the North Wales area are some of the best around, and provide a safe environment for your cat to enjoy themselves on a holiday of their own. However, before rushing to the nearest one to you, it is important to choose the best cattery for you, and most importantly, for your cat. Here we will look into the key areas cat owners should research before a decision is made.

Where is the Cattery Located

The location of the cattery is incredibly important. Just because a cattery is cheaper, that does not make it worth the trip should it be far away. A closer cattery allows for a simply drop-off and pick-up.

Quality of Living Space

It is important to visit the cattery before hand, to ensure that their quality of living space is up to standards. Your cat should be as comfortable as possible during their stay, and you should accept no less than a comfortable bed or sleeping area, a clean little tray, and a play area. If you can’t make it to the cattery beforehand, be sure to check their website for pictures to ensure the place meets your standards.


Your cat should have easy-access to clean drinking water at all times, as well as regular meal times. Should your beloved pet have any special dietary requirements, do not forget to inform the cattery to ensure that those dietary requirements are addressed.


There is no denying that the costs of a cattery are a significant factor when deciding where to take your cat. However, the final decision should always revolve around the comfort of your cat. A majority of catteries will have a daily rate, with discounts being offered to those with more than one cat.

Finding a cattery that will look after your beloved pet is no easy task; however, you can always check their reviews of Google or various social media platforms to get an honest idea of the quality. Contact your local cattery today should you require a safe place for your cat.

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